0 – Technology – Proprioception​


Proprioception is defined as the sense of self-movement, force, and body position. It´s a capability of living beings, which allows them (us too) to estimate body position and orientation without additional inputs.​

This capability is utterly important for robotics, as it is for humans. An ideal actuator shall be able to provide information about position, speed, torque, acceleration, temperature, magnetic fields, current, voltage… All physical parameters happening at the same time during actuator operation. All can be ideally sensed. ​

Proprioception can be harnessed afterwards as a fundamental tool for artificial intelligent embodiment, since it is the base of a superior locomotive intelligence.​


To achieve the highest proprioception possible, we decided to integrate a dual encoder on our actuators. Also developed new electronics to measure current; and a new, fully integrated torque sensor capable of measuring torque across the whole range of operation, with great resolution and at high frequency.​