Enabling physical human-robot interaction

PULSAR HRI develops best-in-class actuation systems to enable future robotic capabilities. Our goal is to providing the absolute best performance in motors and actuators, defining performance with novel metrics including agility, torque and efficiency.

PULSAR HRI provides the most agile, efficient and torque-dense motors and QDD actuators for robotic applications

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Torque density

Top torque density at lower current values. Designed to provide peak torque during 25% of the duty cycle.

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The most dynamic QDD for robotic applications. It provides 50Nm/kg with a real torque bandwidth of nearly 70Hz. 

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Digital Twin

Full digital twin for faster development and integration

Torque Motors

We offer a wide range of torque motors specifically designed for highly-dynamic robotic applications. 

Our P-series motors have been designed not only to produce the highest torque density, but to provide it for longer time, allowing for up to 25% duty cycle time at peak torque.

Our digital twin (AUGUR®) allows us to explore thousands of design possibilities and provide the absolute best performance for dynamic scenarios. We bring you the opportunity of tailor-made motors with our generative design tool. 

Our motors

QDD Actuators

Our PULSE actuators provide a perfect actuation balance, with the dynamics of a direct drive and the torque density of high gear ratio actuators (usually harmonic drive).

High bandwidth (70Hz) and torque density (50Nm/kg), with low backlash (6 arcmin) and backdrive torque (0,37Nm). They integrate dual encoder and our proprietary torque sensing technology for best-in-class proprioception.

Our actuators

Vanguard Program

Our Vanguard Program is the best way to get access to our latest technology and services. ​​

Vanguard members get access to: 

  • Custom design solutions
  • Exclusive motor and actuation technology, including prototypes.
  • Latest research findings and results
  • Digital Twin AUGUR®
  • Generative design & optimisation tools
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