0 – Technology – Design Scope

Our mission is to create the absolute best actuation devices for highly dynamic robotic systems. From there, we decided that the best approach to tackle the challenge was to follow a design paradigm based on Quasi-Direct Drive actuation. ​

QDD is a well-balanced actuation paradigm, with only a few – but significant – caveats:

  • Medium torque density due to low gear ratio. This reduces the range of applications where QDD can be effectively used.
  • Backlash. Small, but still there. This is an issue for control, as it produces a non-linearity on the system.

In order to solve the handicaps presented by QDD technology, we decided to design everything from the scratch. Torque density can be increased – without worsening bandwidth and agility – by designing more torque dense, more efficient motors, while making everything else lighter. So we did.

While doing so, we reduced the gear ratio to the minimum (5:1) to capitalize on novel, more torque dense motors and obtain superb torque bandwidth results.

Wasting energy on thermal losses to achieve a greater torque is just a quick patch, that´s why our motors are designed to provide peak torque during 25% of the duty cycle without causing thermal issues (at room temperature). This is possible because they are designed to draw less current than others.